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Updates as on 15th May 2024

Commercial SCO Plots

We had received approval for standard designs of SCOs in commercial pocket measuring 1.70 acres, which is part of our Residential Plotted Colony. Approval received vide letter dated 23.06.2023. As on date MEP work has been completed. Earth work for driveway has been done to a large extent. Finishing would be done in the end.

Permissions/Execution of Public Health Services

We have received Consent to Establish from Haryana State Pollution Control Board on 23-01-2023 and SEIAA vide 154th meeting dated 20/21-03-2023 has exempted 45 acre plotted area from EIA permission. Potable water, Irrigation, Sewerage, Rain Water Harvesting, Drinking Water and Storm water pipe lines mostly laid down in sector-23. Work on finishing the same in progress. As on date all mechanical equipment required in erection of water treatment and sewage treatment plant have been initiated and commissioning of WTP done, STP commissioning completed by 30th May 2024.


Electrical load was sanctioned by DHBVN vide their letter dated 14 August 2023. There after the estimates for external and internal work to be executed by us were approved vide letters dated 02 November 2023 & 03 November 2023. Total budget for execution is 8 Cr. order for everything has been placed. Major material worth of 5.5 Cr have arrived at site. Execution of HT/LT cable in full swing, likely to complete by 30th June 2024. Street light have been put in commercial area. Substation work is in full swing.

Facility Management

Landscape teams, House Keeping, Security team with complete uniforms, CCTV following teams are in place. Facility manager of GM rank monitors the entire team comprising 40 persons.

Roads Network and Sec-24 Development

External roads including sector roads already laid out. Internal roads in sec-23 repaired again. Finishing to be done after HT/LT electrical work is finished. In the meantime road from Gurgaon to Daruhera has been totally upgraded with two flyovers, 1st on Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway and 2nd at Daruhera. Secondly the road from National Highway 48 that is Delhi-Jaipur road to the site is also finished into NH 919. Please check gallery for images. Further in last 3 months, we have finished development work of all the road of sector 24. WBM of commercial roads is in progress. Road connecting various pockets of sec-24 has been complete laid.


Entry experience updated we have added beautiful structures at the main entrance points. Three Gazebos have been built at strategic points to make the township more attractive. Fountain has been installed in green area and at roundabout in commercial and landscaping of road setback done for exceptional aesthatics. Housekeeping is highly improved. Visitors have observed that it looks like Europe.

Customer Experience Centre

Customer Experience Centre
commissioned at site, please visit us and
enjoy a cup of tea.

Green Environment

More than 15000 Sq. Yards of green already developed. Most of site has lush green grass, rose flower bed, palm and other trees.

Corporate Office

Fully Functional Corporate office
established in Gurugram. Most Key
Management positions filled.

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